FIRATTEKS TEXTILE is a Jeans & Casual wear garment manufacturer which is located in Izmir.
The company established in 1994 by Mr.Fırat Özdemir who is an expert in woman tailoring. In a short while, the company advanced its vision to a significant level through quality sensibility and prevented its tailoring prospect in mass production.
In 2004, the company constructed its own building in over 7.000 sqr meters of a closed area and started to operate all production steps in house.
Today, in 2016, FIRATTEKS TEXTILE became one of the important garment manufacturers in Izmir with over 400 employees and presents its own denim and non-denim collections to European leading brands through tailor’s aspect and exports special designed products in private label.


Dear Business Partners,
We are trying to provide the highest quality products with a modern vision at the most reasonable prices since 1994.
We are always costumer driven. Our creative team and management departments have a high opinion of costumers’ needs and expectations.
We always establish long term relationships and concentrate on consumers’ satisfaction. We position ourselves as a guide and most preferable company in fashion industry.
Our motto is “work harder”. I’ve started to my career as a tailor's apprentice and owe everything to my hardworking character. When things went complicated so I always worked harder. Fıratteks family is always going to keep working harder at your service.


As an organization that gives importance to the environment in the awareness of social responsibilities, it is vital for us to take the necessary measures to minimize our negative effects on the environment during all our activities.
As management, we believe that we can achieve our goals with our employees, through the adoption and serious implementation of our Quality, Social Responsibility and Environmental policies. Our company accepts and undertakes to act in the direction of ensuring all rights of its employees arising from laws and related standards while performing the services it provides with Social Compliance Standards.
These Social Standards, rules and procedures are followed and implemented in our production areas, contract workshops and suppliers. It also conducts, manages and improves Social Compliance activities at Fırattex Textile contract workshops.


As Fırattex Textile, we believe that the quality of our products and services will continue to increase with the understanding of quality and responsibility of our employees. We support this process by making the necessary investments to make our Quality, Social Responsibility and environmental principles a service standard, and by carefully following national and international rules in order to protect the rights of our employees.
Fırattex Textile aims to serve its customers with the highest quality and performance at the most affordable price with its quality understanding and vision.