As Fırattex Textile, we must always produce quality services and projects in order to overcome sectoral problems and leave good-humored customers behind us. While determining our quality policy, we could not ignore these problems and ways to overcome them. Therefore;
• Being a reliable and sought-after company in an understanding that fully meets the needs and expectations of customers in all processes,
• To closely follow and implement technological developments in order to reduce costs and increase profitability,
• To establish a Quality Management system aiming to deliver on time with effective use of resources and to continuously improve,
• To provide and execute applicable conditions by continuously monitoring the effectiveness of ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System and making the necessary improvements,
• To increase quality awareness in all employees,
• To cooperate with suppliers based on trust,
• To keep customer satisfaction at the highest level in our products and services, to manage customer feedback effectively,
• To keep on working in order to announce the name of our company and our country around the globe,
• To prevent the incompatibilities that may arise later by producing the most appropriate, most accurate and economical solutions in the fastest way,
• Completing each project started with the highest level techniques on time, in full quality and within the budget limits, in full compliance with the project,
• To be an exemplary institution that respects the society and the environment we are in and to contribute to the country's economy by constantly improving its business volume
• To define activities for the prevention of environmental pollution and waste management, to continuously improve the environmental performance by following the effectiveness of the related practices,
• Our current 57 kwp power plant, we support our environment with an annual CO2 emission reduction of 46,000 kg. With our additional power investment this year, we will demonstrate our sustainable world understanding and reduce our carbon footprint by reducing 92,000 CO2 emissions annually.
• To make it obligatory to take necessary corrective actions related to occupational health and safety inappropriateness, occupational accidents and occupational diseases, environmental incidents,
• To comply with the legal regulations, administrative regulations and the rules of the organizations to which it is a member, Fırattex Textile has determined as Quality Policy.